Franskmænd i fare

November 8, 2022
Guy Millière, professor at the University of Paris and a senior fellow of the Gatestone Institute writes for Gatestone:
The French now live in a climate of generalized violence. Maurice Berger, a psychiatrist, speaks of “gratuitous violence”: violence for no other reason than the pleasure of committing it. He reports that in France, gratuitous violence resulting in injury or death happens, on average, every two minutes. France reports more than two hundred rapes a day. Berger, in Sur la violence gratuite en France (“On Gratuitous Violence in France”), notes that usually the assaults have a racist dimension: the victims are always white people, the aggressors are almost always Arabs or Africans — details omitted by the commentators.

Illegal immigrants in France are the perpetrators of nearly half of crimes committed in the country, according to the recently published L’ordre nécessaire (“The Necessary Order”), by Didier Lallement, former chief of the Paris Police. Approximately 48% of all crimes committed in Paris in 2021, he notes, were committed by illegal immigrants. Murders almost as gruesome as Lola’s — most of which are committed by illegal immigrants — are committed nearly every day. No one even mentions them. The victims often have their throats slit*. When the mainstream media report on the murders, they do not talk about slit throats. They say the victim was “stabbed in the neck.”
* called The Arab Smile,editor Kirsten Damgaard

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